Sunday, 11 August 2013

The Not-So-Fun Aftereffects

 A week after we got back from Alberta I went to see my GP, as I'd been having random vertigo for a few days.  I also wanted to discuss getting on HRT as Dr. T had suggested, so I thought it was better to go to my doctor than to a random clinic.

Honestly, I thought that I was getting an ear infection, having had a really bad one ( with severe and constant vertigo) about fifteen years ago. That said, I thought we'd be in and out in a half hour.

I really should've known better, as life seems to like curveballs.

In the end I didn't get HRT. When I described the vertigo and she checked me over there was nothing wrong with my ears, but my blood pressure was a whooping 162/120 ( or thereabouts).  I left her office with blood pressure medication ( !) and a slew of lab tests I had to get done.

The next morning ( still a little shell-shocked), I went to get them all done. There were flags all over the place. She called me in on Tuesday to discuss the results; my thyroid had jumped 8 times from a test we had done in April, and there were concerns about my kidney and liver functions.

I was pissed. I'll be honest. I was furious after we left that office, because I left with a prescription for thyroid medication and the possibility that there might be issues with my liver or kidneys in the relatively near future. What's the cause? Probably chemotherapy. It isn't rare for the cocktail that I was in to cause any of these issues, and its just my luck that it might cause all of them. I mean, I seem to have gotten just about all other weird side effects.

After the crankiness subsided, I took a deep breath. I know that the surgery and chemo saved my life. Sure, chemotherapy may be the equivalent of leeches to people a hundred years from now, but its the best weapon we have. And I went in, guns blazing, to throw everything but the sink at it.

So, for now I'm in a couple of medications, and in five weeks we will get all the tests redone and see how things are evolving. I am hoping that the medication gets to the root of the problem, and hopefully it gives my body time to recover more from the chemo.

Today is my boy's first day at his first sleepaway camp. I will focus on that instead.